Woolloomooloo Cafe, Taipei (Fujin Street)

Woolloomooloo Cafe Taipei

Woolloomooloo Cafe,  Taipei is situated on a quiet street close to Taipei Songshan Airport, and a 10-minute walk from the Zhongshan Junior High School (中山國中) MRT station – Fujin Street 富錦街. This street is laid with cafe and restaurants in a quiet neighbourhood in Taipei – which is now very popular with couples taking their pre-wedding photography.

The entrance is perched above a small flight of stairs camoflaged as a small gallery, office, or even residence. One has to look for white letters discretely printed on the glass doors.

Woolloomooloo has a modern, chic decor. The exposed cement floors and whitewashed walls and wooden tables and shelves are complimented by soft track lighting. Two-thirds of the eating area is given over to two large tables – one square, the other rectangular.

Woolloomooloo Cafe Taipei

I was there pretty early on a Saturday afternoon to meet a Taiwanese friend for Brunch. As it was pretty early, the Woolloomooloo Cafe was not very crowded and I managed to get a seat just next to the window. Really like the cosy atmosphere at the cafe and customers can really get comfortable here while enjoying a cup of cafe or brunch.

Woolloomooloo Cafe Taipei
View from Woolloomooloo Cafe Taipei

But more than anything, Woolloomooloo recreates the vibe of the relaxed yet hip urban Australian lifestyle.  This is typified by Woolloomooloo’s brunch specials, including its famous brunch plate consisting of stir-fried onions and mushies (mushrooms), hash browns, sausage, tomato, eggs and home-baked sour dough bread with avocado served with freshly squeezed orange juice.

There is so many selection on the menu item and everything looks delicious. Had a hard time choosing what to eat and had to ask the waitress for some recommendations. As I already had a light breakfast earlier at my hotel, i decided to order something sweet and light instead, with a little fruits and ice-cream.

My friend order Egg Benedicts instead for her brunch. We also ordered cafe latte and some water to go with our brunch, The food was really tasty and very nicely plated to lift your appetite.

The cafe started to get crowded as it approached lunch hour. Even though it is in a quiet neighbourhood in Taipei, there are quite a number of like-minded people who would really enjoy having a cosy place with good food to catch up with friends over the weekend.

After our brunch, we decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood to see what other gems we can find and try the next time round.

Restaurant Location

95 Fujin St, Taipei City (台北市富錦街95號)

Woolloomooloo Cafe (Fujin Street)
Address: 95 Fujin St, Taipei City (台北市富錦街95號)
Telephone: (02) 2546-8318
Open: Tuesday to Thursday 11am to 8pm; Friday to Sunday 11am to 12am

Average meal: NT$400 to NT$500 per person
Details: Chinese and English menu; credit cards accepted


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Rated 5.00 out of 5

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